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Paige Staffie DOB 12.2013 Godstone Kenns Empty Paige Staffie DOB 12.2013 Godstone Kenns

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Paige Staffie DOB 12.2013 Godstone Kenns Paige_1

Homing Requirements: Paige needs a family who can give her
support and confidence as she matures into adulthood. Paige is still
recovering from a bad flea allergy, with associated low back scabbing;
she needs an understanding family to help her further, as her skin has
been slow to heal. We suggest a raw diet to further support her
recovery. Paige would enjoy an only pet family but could settle with
another dog given slow confident introductions. Paige will manage
children well. She can be left and now enjoys car travel.

Video: 100% happy

Video: Paige playing
in the paddock

Paige in the paddock

Video: Paige on Sunday

Her Story: Paige was found stray with a severe skin infection.
It is now responding to treatment and she is on a raw diet. Paige is now
spayed, chipped and fully vaccinated. She is currently in kennels near

Advert: Paige is a sweet love. She wears her heart on her sleeve
and really wants to engage and dote on you, yet settles with a calm
energy in her home. She loves company but does tolerate being left.
Paige is great fun to be with and enjoys her walks so much. She was a
little wary of other dogs but did settle in a confident dog environment
during a short foster, and is gaining confidence daily.

Paige is a 10 month old white Staffie with pied spots and brindle
patches. She still has a sore area on her lower back but the fur has
regrown and she is responding to treatment and is supported by a raw
diet. She has settled emotionally since being in our care and now can be
left for 3-4 hour periods. She initially gives a short protest on being
left and is calm and welcoming on return. Paige is learning to play with
toys but still doesn't understand Kongs. She displays a puppy energy and
likes to chew but is not destructive when left. Paige is very
affectionate and will want to give you a face wash to demonstrate her
heart's capacity.

Interested in homing Paige?
click to complete our on-line homing questionnaire
so we
can match you with a dog that suits your lifestyle.

Please note that this dog is currently in boarding
kennels and is also available to foster until a 'forever home' is

Please visit
thread on our forum
to find out whether she is still
available. For full details and daily updates on all our dogs available
for homing, click
our forum link.
Paige is also featured on

***PLEASE NOTE: Our mission is to find every dog in our care its
forever home. Our Rescue requires a minimum £175 donation for each dog
at the time of adoption. These funds allow us to continue to help
homeless dogs.***

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