MARTHA Akita X rottweiler puppy Suffolk

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MARTHA Akita X rottweiler puppy Suffolk Empty MARTHA Akita X rottweiler puppy Suffolk

Post by monkey on Fri Sep 16, 2011 9:04 pm

Contact/organisation details: Iron Mountain Canine
Does the animal have rescue back up?: Hell yes!
Location: Suffolk
Number of groups: N/a

(repeat the following for each group)

MARTHA Akita X rottweiler puppy Suffolk Photo_10

Group: N/a
Number of animals: 1
Type/Breed/Variety: Akita X Rottie
Sex: Female
Age(s): 11 months
Name(s): Martha
Colours: White, tan and chocolate
Neutered: Not yet, Martha has recently finished her first season and will be spayed when it is safe to operate
Reason for rehoming: IMC foster dog
Temperament: Confident with family and other dogs, timid with strangers
Medical problems: None
Neutering: Animal will be neutered/castrated prior to being rehomed unless for medical reasons. Can this be guaranteed? Yes
Will the group be split: n/a
Transport available: no

Other: Martha is a striking dog, the largest of three puppies we received as a batch who all promptly got parvo, nearly died and cost me a fortune. Happily they all made a full recovery and are looking for forever homes. Martha is that largest of the three, and has many more Akita characteristics than her sisters, such as foreleg bone that wouldn't look out of place on a horse...

Martha needs to be part of a multi-dog household as she gets most of her confidence from other dogs having never been alone in her life, when the girls were on life support, if one improved and we moved it back to the house, they all immediately took a turn for the worse and had to be regrouped. Martha plays well (there is video footage of her playing with a male presa and female neo on our website) if slightly roughly. She adores her human companions including the children (ages 4 up) and ignores the cats and other creatures, she has met horses and livestock.

Martha's only flashpoint is that she will not tolerate other dogs approaching her to take high value foods, she has reacted in the past and this would need to be a continually monitored situation. She will happily share toys.

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MARTHA Akita X rottweiler puppy Suffolk Empty Re: MARTHA Akita X rottweiler puppy Suffolk

Post by mole on Sun Nov 13, 2011 9:18 am


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