Chins; Wispa & Candy

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Chins; Wispa & Candy  Empty Chins; Wispa & Candy

Post by susiechin on Wed Jun 15, 2011 9:46 am

Contact/organisation details: Chinsrus
Does the animal have rescue back up?: yes
Location: West Yorks
Number of groups: 1

(repeat the following for each group)

Group: 4
Number of animals: 2
Type/Breed/Variety: chinchilla
Sex: female
Age(s): approx 5yrs
Name(s): wispa & candy
Colours: brown velvet & wilson white
Neutered: n/a
Reason for rehoming: handed in to rescue
Temperament: sweet, lovely girls
Medical problems: none
Neutering: no as they are 2 females
Will the group be split: no
Transport available: no

*pics to follow *
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