Dog Behaviour Specialist Looking for Pregnant Bitch

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Dog Behaviour Specialist Looking for Pregnant Bitch

Post by Holly on Thu Feb 17, 2011 1:05 pm

Dear Everyone,

From reading people posts I can see that you all do an amazing job in helping out dogs, it's nice to see some people still care. I work for a production company in London who is currently making a program on a dog behaviour specialist. Our specialist works with lots of charities within the London area including 'All Dogs Matter'. He has his own dog sanctuary where he helps rehabilitate dogs with behaviour issues. He does this on behalf of the charities he works for. Once he has helped the dogs they are re-homed by the charities and through the proper channels with all the appropriate checks.

Our specialist is looking to take on a pregnant bitch around March time. He is looking for her to live and give birth at the sanctuary. He will address any issues that she may have and also train the pupps and have them re-homed. We would love to come and meet you and introduce our specialist to anyone who might be able to help us. Obviously it will be pretty unpredictable whether you will receive a pregnant bitch until you actually receive one, but if you do we would love for you to think of us - it could also provide your dog home with some great exposure whilst also highlighting the need for people to take on rescue dogs.

Please feel free to contacts us at any time with any questions, references can be provided and we have charities who are willing to speak personally to you about our specialist and his credentials.

Thank you for your time.

tel. 07939202306



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Re: Dog Behaviour Specialist Looking for Pregnant Bitch

Post by Julie on Thu Feb 17, 2011 1:23 pm

Hello Holly and thankyou1 for your kind words. Please do register to join RAFA where the request can be moved to a more appropriate section, thankyou1

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