Rosie & Sky - 2 Female (Sister) Rabbits Have Been Waiting for a new home for MONTHS - Central Scotland

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Rosie & Sky - 2 Female (Sister) Rabbits Have Been Waiting for a new home for MONTHS - Central Scotland

Post by fairlybeloved on Thu Oct 20, 2011 11:58 am

Rosie & Sky have been looking for a permanent home since early May 2011, and just seem to be getting overlooked by our adopters. They are an excellent pair of sisters, approximately 7 months old, and would make excellent pets for the right home.

They are very active, and their ideal home would provide them with an outside living space with constant access to a very large run. They are possibly the most active rabbits we've come across, so it's more important than ever that they have space and plenty of things to keep them occupied. They're used to having lots of toys and boxes to play & chew, and very much enjoy having different levels to jump around. It's an excellent sight to see them playing together.

In this video you can see them in their current foster home, where Rosie is having a good groom before a very fast run round and a mini-binky!

They're used to human company and interaction, but are not fans of getting picked up and carried. They will, from time-to-time, be happy to lie across your lap and let you clap them, but everything is very much on their terms.

They have both recently been neutered, and are up to date with all their vaccinations.
We're very keen to see this pair go to the right home, and would happily consider potential adopters from anywhere. We can organise home checks using local volunteers if necessary, and arrange transport runs to get them to you, so please don't let distance put you off. If you think you are the perfect owner for these two, please get in touch.
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