Chaz (Charlie), Miniature Yorkie, 7 yrs

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Chaz (Charlie), Miniature Yorkie, 7 yrs Empty Chaz (Charlie), Miniature Yorkie, 7 yrs

Post by R8chl on Tue Aug 30, 2011 11:54 am

If you are interested in adopting Charlie(Chaz) please read about our re homing process
and complete a Pre Adoption form (link below) and Katherine or Pauline will contact you for a chat

Name: Chaz
Age: 7 Years
Breed: Miniature Yorkie
Can I live with Children: Older
Can I live with cats: no
Can I live with other dogs: yes but would be best as an only dog

Other Information

Chaz came into us at the beginning of July. He has been staying with Pauline whilst he was neutered and had his health checks. He is a loving cuddle monster, who loves spending time with the older children and is very sociable

Chaz has a tendency to be snappy which is not uncommon for this breed. With this in mind we would prefer Chaz to be re-homed into an experienced Yorkie household who will work and retrain him to stop this. He is a fairly dominant dog, which we think maybe causing this, he also lived as an only dog in his previous home.

We also think that he has never had a lead on or been out for walks so this is another area that will need work.

He needs a loving patient home, where he is loved enough to work through his issues.

Chaz (Charlie), Miniature Yorkie, 7 yrs Chas02 Chaz (Charlie), Miniature Yorkie, 7 yrs Chascharlie01

Message from his fosterer:

Chas is doing well now with his training, he now knows that if he behaves himself and doesn't try to protect me all the time, he will get treats from Phil.
He adores the grandchildren and loves to have a cuddle and tummy tickle with Chloe
He sits in my chair with me and follows me around all day
He sits on a stool beside the bath while I am in there, I'm sure one of these days he's just going to jump in with me”


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