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Missy Staffie DOB 02.14 Foster Reading Missy_1

Homing Requirements: Missy's family must support her
development and engage patience as she catches up in areas that she has
missed out on. Missy's family must recognise her energy levels are
reflective of her age and adjust their lives to accommodate her needs
and offer her exposure to life experiences and socialisation with canine
friends. Ideally Missy should live with another dog. When she came to
us, Missy had damage to her back left growth plates but surgery is not
required, she has a natural gait, and full vet notes are available.

Missy Walks Naturally and Normally

Missy and Frankie in the Garden

Her Story: Missy was found stray and unclaimed. She spent time
in kennels, then was spayed and went back to kennels. Missy is fully
vaccinated, chipped and neutered. She is now in foster with another
Staffie in Reading, Berkshire.

Advert: Missy is so lovely and really doesn't ask for much in
return for her cuddles and kisses, and boy does she love giving cuddles
and kisses! Missy settles easily and will happily cuddle up next to you
while you get on with your day to day tasks. Missy is brilliant on the
lead. She's friendly with strangers but only if they approach first, and
she's not phased by cyclists or runners and happily stays out of their
way. Busy Missy travels well in the car crated and can be left for 3-4
hour periods.

Missy is a nine month old white with brindle patches Staffie puppydog.
Missy has come a long way despite the slight disability in her back leg.
She has caught up with many of the milestones in her developmental
process and is a delight to meet: Little Miss Social. Missy will make an
ideal second dog to a male resident dog. She is keen to learn and enjoys
praise and treats in return. She's such a bright little bundle of fun
and love!

Missy Staffie DOB 02.14 Foster Reading Missy_2

Interested in homing Missy?
click to complete our on-line homing questionnaire
so we
can match you with a dog that suits your lifestyle.

Please visit

Missy's thread on our forum
to find out whether she is
still available. For full details and daily updates on all our dogs
available for homing,
click our forum
Missy is also featured on

***PLEASE NOTE: Our mission is to find every dog in our care its
forever home. Our Rescue requires a minimum £175 donation for each dog
at the time of adoption. These funds allow us to continue to help
homeless dogs.***

Missy Staffie DOB 02.14 Foster Reading Missy_3
Missy Staffie DOB 02.14 Foster Reading Missy_4
Missy Staffie DOB 02.14 Foster Reading Missy_5

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