Shay ~ A Darling Boy – 2yo Black Greyhound

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Shay ~ A Darling Boy – 2yo Black Greyhound Empty Shay ~ A Darling Boy – 2yo Black Greyhound

Post by tamakin on Tue May 07, 2013 6:53 pm


**UPDATED: 3rd MAY 2013**

Location: Kennels in Norfolk, UK. Shay would love a foster home while he waits for his forever family.
Key Points: Super affectionate, friendly, always happy, walks to heel, good in car, excellent with all other dogs.

Shay is a 2 year old greyhound boy who was considered not good enough for the racing world. He is certainly good enough for us though! Shay has a lovely thick black coat that is shedding at the moment, but it’s going to be so sleek and shiny one he’s finished. He is a really lovely big greyhound boy with a beautifully soft expression, and though he could do with losing a couple of pounds, it just means more Shay to go around!

Shay ~ A Darling Boy – 2yo Black Greyhound Shay4

~ Personality ~
Generally: Very loving, bouncy, friendly, adores people. Good boy, balanced and happy-go-lucky.
Shay has a really really lovely personality, its hard not to love him. He adores everyone, everything, and asks for very little. He is the ultimate ‘best friend package’, and has so much love to give to anyone who spares him a second of their time. He knows our kennel staff now, and is always super happy to us. Especially if we have tasty treats – this boy lives for his food!

Shay is going to be such a fantastic family pet. All he needs is to be given the chance, and we’re sure he will grasp it with both paws. He is going to LOVE the home comforts and, most importantly, being able to be around his people 24/7.

Shay ~ A Darling Boy – 2yo Black Greyhound Shay2

~ In the Home ~
Generally: Not yet in a home environment. Clean in kennel.
Shay has not yet been in a home environment, so new owners will need to be a bit understanding at the start and give him time to learn the house rules. It generally takes greyhounds 10-14 days to start to settle in a home, and really all they need is time and patience. Shay is clean in his kennel, which often indicates that they will take housetraining in their stride.

~ Other Animals ~
Generally: Excellent with all other dogs, very calm, polite and laid back.
Shay gets on with everyone and is always willing to say hi to the other dogs. He is very laid back and polite, putting other dogs at ease. Shay would make a lovely, balanced companion for a resident dog, and may slot well into a pack situation. He is very happy-go-lucky and accepts what’s given without complaint, making him super easy to keep as happy as can be.

Shay ~ A Darling Boy – 2yo Black Greyhound Shay4

~ Out and About ~
Generally: Walks to heel, happy to meet everyone, polite and content, good traveller, ok in busy satiations.
Like most greyhounds, Shay is a total couch potato and does not need a huge amount of exercise. He will be content with two 30min walks a day and perhaps a chance to stretch his legs offlead in a safe area once or twice a week. He walks like a dream on the lead and is always happy to say hi to anyone he meets on his walks.

~ Greyhounds as Pets ~
In general greyhounds are very calm, mannerly dogs that are used to being handled. They can fit into a wide range of different lifestyles and usually adjust to the home life very quickly. Their soft, easy going nature often makes them ideal to live in a family with children, while their love of lazing around and low exercise requirements can make them perfect for the elderly.

Shay ~ A Darling Boy – 2yo Black Greyhound Shay1

~ Where Am I? ~
Shay is currently in kennels in Norfolk. He can be homed anywhere in the UK provided we have a homechecker available, but please note that you may be required to travel to our rescue to meet and collect him.

~ Want To Adopt Me? ~
Shay is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, de-flea'd and wormed and a homecheck will be required as part of the adoption procedure. This dear boy would benefit so very much from a chance to live in a foster home and Kerry Greyhounds UK is always eager for new foster volunteers. It is an extremely rewarding experience and costs are covered by us.

If you are interested in adopting or fostering Shay, you can contact me (Tam) via email:, or speak directly to Bronwen by phoning: 075 000 62648. Emails are usually replied to within 24 hrs.

There are application forms for both adopting and fostering Shay, and we will ask you to fill the relevant one in as the first step in the adoption/fostering process. To speed up this process, we recommend you do this before emailing/calling. You can find the forms, as well as further information on our homing & fostering procedures, on either the Adoption Page: or Fostering Page: .

Thank you.
KGUK Irish Coordinator & Profile Editor

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Kerry Greyhounds UK is a voluntary organisation based in Norfolk, England. It focuses on rehoming unwanted Irish greyhounds and lurchers, as huge numbers are bred in Ireland each year and homes are few and far between. KGUK operates through a network of volunteers spread over Ireland and the UK. We can look after approximately 30 dogs at any one time in both kennels and foster homes.

Each dog is neutered, vaccinated, & microchipped before being adopted (unless stated otherwise).

We assess the suitability of all home offers, and we have homed greyhounds in all corners of the UK. If interested in one of our hounds, please feel free to contact us via the following:
Email: Emails are usually replied to within 24hrs.
Phone: Bronwen 075 000 626 48.
Our Website:
Our facebook page:

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Shay ~ A Darling Boy – 2yo Black Greyhound Empty Re: Shay ~ A Darling Boy – 2yo Black Greyhound

Post by tamakin on Wed Sep 04, 2013 9:46 pm

Shay has now gone to his forever home. Thank you for your help!

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