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Post by NRBR on Wed Dec 14, 2011 10:58 pm

Contact/organisation details: nrboxerrescue@aol.com
Does the animal have rescue back up?:Yes
Location: West Yorks
Number of groups: 1

(repeat the following for each group)

Group: 1
Number of animals: 1
Type/Breed/Variety: Boxer
Sex: f
Age(s): 10
Name(s): Tess
Colours: red
Neutered: no
Reason for rehoming: Hand in due to a new baby
Temperament: fantastic
Medical problems: no
Neutering: Animal will be neutered/castrated prior to being rehomed unless for medical reasons. Can this be guaranteed?No too old
Will the group be split:
Transport available: No


Tess is a sweetie, she's an older boxer girl who has come to us this week.

Tess is currenty in kennels and she is looking for a foster home and a forever home

Tess - Huddersfield SAM_0021
Tess - Huddersfield SAM_0012-1

Well, I collected this fantastic lady from Jaycliffe this morning and she is an absolute delight.

We did the initial meeting in the back garden, bringing the gang out one by one. All went very well though Roxy found it difficult to understand why Tess didn't want to play chase with her. She compromised by taking Tess on a tour of the undergrowth and the den under the laurel by the greenhouse.

Tess - Huddersfield IMG_4725

Tess - Huddersfield IMG_4733

Tess - Huddersfield IMG_4737

Tess - Huddersfield IMG_4740

They came together for treats, Tess forgetting to sit initially but getting there in the end.

Tess - Huddersfield IMG_4742

Tess - Huddersfield IMG_4743

Tess - Huddersfield IMG_4750

Tess - Huddersfield IMG_4752

Then they wondered quite why they were being kept in the bottom garden.

Tess - Huddersfield IMG_4757

Tess - Huddersfield IMG_4759

Tess - Huddersfield IMG_4763

Then we went indoors. Tess had a look round and then found the seat with the best view of the drive and gate.

Tess - Huddersfield IMG_4769

Tess - Huddersfield IMG_4771

She is a beautiful old lady.

Tess - Huddersfield IMG_4772

Tess - Huddersfield IMG_4773

Then more treats, remembering to sit this time.

Tess - Huddersfield IMG_4778

Time for a rest after all the excitement.

Tess - Huddersfield IMG_4779

And a change of position.

Tess - Huddersfield IMG_4784

Tess has settled in very well and although she is a little skinny ribs and she appeared hungry, she didn't gobble her food - in fact was quite slow. I was able to mess about with her dish without any problem whatsoever and she has a very gentle take for treats. We fed her slightly apart from the others this evening and will continue to do so until we are confident that she won't go investigating the contents of anyone else's dish - Susie most certainly would not approve! NAd as hell

So far Tess hasn't asked to go out for a toilet break but she has obliged when taken out Santa thumbs up

Tess has the most amazing wagging tail - think she might have a bobtail - it goes so fast it blurs. She loves human attention and the slightest touch sets her off wagging. Santa hugsssssss

Tess is now sound asleep and is a little snorer santa lolol


Potential owners are interviewed and a homecheck carried out by a experienced homechecker . New owners sign an Adoption Contract. Ongoing support is provided and regular checks made on all rehomed dogs. Should family circumstances change, dogs are ALWAYS accepted back and re-homed.
We expect new owners to give the dog a reasonable amount of time to settle and adjust to their new life, however if an incompatibility arises and you can no longer keep the dog, the dog MUST be returned to us.

Please read our Adoption policies before applying to adopt - Tess - Huddersfield Z2

To apply to adopt one of our dogs please fill out the forms here - Tess - Huddersfield Z1

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Post by mole on Thu Dec 15, 2011 10:00 am

Brilliant photos Foto1

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