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Post by Julie on Thu Apr 21, 2011 11:19 pm

Iron Mountain exists to facilitate the sane handling and rehoming of bull breeds across the UK. We are also a registered company in the UK for bull-breed specific training and seminars. Please view our calendar of events for one near you, or suggest an event you would like us to attend!

IM are not currently a charity and have no immediate plans to become one.

A rapidly growing group of trainers and carers who seek not just to 'deal' with the wreckage left behind by unscrupulous breeders and puppy farmers, but to educate the public and media on a whole range of issues from health to handling. IM are rare in that we will work with and support responsible breeders, by that we mean those who do not breed for profit, but for a love of their breed, who carry out all pertinent health checks, who choose homes carefully and responsibly and have the facilities to take dogs back should owner circumstances change. They are as rare as hen's teeth but they do exist. Rescue dogs are never placed with breeders for use in breeding programmes, it goes against everything they stand for and we stand for.

We will advise any rescue or private rehomer on any dog they have in their care, from providing homechecks right through to placing problem or long-stay dogs with one of our specialist foster homes.

Whilst pictures are published to accompany each dog - we match animals based on the lifestyle of the adopting family, please make sure you look at the dog's ENERGY listing before applying.

Insured by Cliverton. All animals are neutered or spayed before leaving our care as long as there is no medical reason not to do so.

All applicants will receive a home visit and interview before adoption.

All applicants must show a willingness to engage in training with their dog, from basic obedience right up to agility and sports. We firmly believe that behavioural problems are caused by boredom, lack of consistent training and bad diet.

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