Bengee an older Cocker gent fostered by Four Paws Animal Rescue (South Wales)

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Bengee an older Cocker gent fostered by Four Paws Animal Rescue (South Wales) Empty Bengee an older Cocker gent fostered by Four Paws Animal Rescue (South Wales)

Post by Tapestry on Thu Apr 14, 2011 6:54 pm

Bengee an older Cocker gent fostered by Four Paws Animal Rescue (South Wales) Bengee11

Name: Bengee
Age: 10 Years Young
Wormed: yes
Fleaed: Yes
With Cats: Good in other peoples' houses.
With Dogs: Looking for a home as an only dog and may need help socialising outside the house.
Children: Good with over 5 yrs. Not tested with younger.
Health: Future dental treatment very probably required.
Neutered - Yes
Fostered: South Wales

Bengee is a very intelligent and lovely dog. It is clear that he was loved and he is used to a lot of company. He does not cope well with being left alone for very long periods and would not be suitable for anyone that has to leave him alone for more than a few hours.
When he arrived here he was upset for about four days and then started to settle.
His appetite was good.
He went to the vet to be neutered and at the same time had nine teeth removed. The vet stressed that he is likely to need more teeth out in the future. He recovered well. He also has a few warts on his back – apparently due to age.
I carefully introduced him to some dogs and he was very good – no problem at all. However, since being neutered he does not like to be around other dogs. We will be looking for a home where he is an only dog and where the new owners would look at training and socialisation around other dogs particularly outside of the house.
He is good with children.
He will walk a mile or two and can be tired when he gets back. He hid his lead in his bed one day – after that I gave it to him outside the door – he takes it in his mouth and walks in, all important. Putting it back in his bed (if you watch he may not do it!!). Now I take the lead off about 100m from the house and he walks home with the lead.
When walking he loves to sniff and sniff which means that walks are interrupted because Mr Bengee insists on sniffing. We walk him to our daughter’s school in the morning (he loves his morning walk best) and afternoon (about a mile) and he gets another walk in the evening, and possibly a mid-day one, and as noted above is in and out - I suppose in summary he likes short frequent walks. He will wait patiently for the pooper-scooper, so this is no problem! At junctions he did pull on the lead but now I say ‘halt’ and 9 out of 10 times he stops and won’t move until I say ‘let’s go Benji’.
He is house trained and really good. He is very good when being groomed. We have not had to raise our voice at all with him & find that he responds well to a gentle pat – by this I mean – he can be ‘his own man’ and may not want to do something, but if we talk to him and give him a gentle pat he usually gives in!
We have a home office and he sits under the desk as quiet as a mouse, where he is as I type this! If we go anywhere he follows - he loves company. He will go to the neighbours house off lead and responds to commands. We have kept him out of the bedroom at night giving him a free run of the rest of the house – He sleeps all night in his basket but in the morning he is at the bedroom door, excited to see us. He can be rehomed anywhere in the UK, subject to a satisfactory home visit, but note that you will be required to travel to the foster home to meet him.
Please put in an application in the first instance if you are interested. Approved applications will be home checked. Details of our adoption procedures and adoption application form are here

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