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Hi and Welcome to RAFA Very Happy

This guide will hopefully help new members to find their way around Rescue Aid For Animals. If the information you are looking for is not here, then please post in the Help section or pm staff who will be happy to assist you


Thankyou for being a part of RAFA. We hope that we can help you to find the assistance that you need. We can help you with finding homecheckers, transporters, and fosterers. We also have assessors in some areas that are able to undertake basic assessments unless they state otherwise

Firsty, please can you fill in the Polices and Agreements section here

Our Urgent Section is here

And non-Urgent

Please use the template when requesting help, providing all the information requested

You can post any animals for rehoming here. Please read the guidelines before posting in the relevant section to you

Please note that any requests that you post on RAFA are your responsibilty, and we ask that you keep them as up to date as possible. Please update when a homecheck has been completed or a foster home found. It is also very important that any transport requests are kept up to date by the posting rescue, and all volunteers have all relevant information before the run commences. Please also ensure that all volunteers know your guidelines for transporting their animal safely and securely


Please say Hi in the New Members section here, so we can all get to know you....

The volunteer databases are here. Please fill in the counties and sections in which you can offer assistance

If you need experience then please post here and we will do our best to match you with experienced people. We ask you please to tagalong on at least a couple of homechecks before going solo.

If you offer assistance on a transport run, then please ensure that you have all relevant details before commencing on a run. You should have all details from any transporter that you are meeting, vehicle details, meeting points etc. Please also check that you are following the rescue's concerned guidelines for safe transporting.

If you wish to become a fosterer you will need to have a successful home visit to enable you to foster.
It is also the responibility of any member who offers to foster any animal to ensure that the rescue has full insurance cover for you, the animals in your care and the premises where the animals are kept, for example, your own home. It is your responsibilty to check that the rescue that you are fostering for has good procedures in place

We look forward to working with you all and helping as many animals as possible Very Happy

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