**Rescue Expectations at RAFA**

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**Rescue Expectations at RAFA** Empty **Rescue Expectations at RAFA**

Post by Sal on Sun Jul 26, 2009 7:29 pm

We always welcome new rescue's at RAFA but for the good of all animals, we do have some basic expectations of rescue's who wish to use the databases and volunteers registered here.

RAFA feel strongly that all animals must be neutered before rehoming where possible, unless for medical reasons or age. We only allow animals to be posted in the Animals Needing Homes section if they are neutered, again unless they cannot be for medical reasons.

Rescue's are also expected to routinely microchip, vaccinate, flea and worm before rehoming.

All rescue's registered on the forum must perform a physical homecheck , whether it be for a foster home or a forever home. This applies for ALL animals. Vet references are not an acceptable way to say a home is suitable.

We also expect all rescue's to offer lifetime back to their animals

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