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Post by Julie on Tue Aug 17, 2010 12:12 am


The K9 Search UK team consists of people from all walks of life, but all with the same aim, to ensure that every stray dog has the opportunity to be reunited with its owner. However, there are times when it is impossible to locate the owners simply because the owners failed to identify their dogs by means of a tag, microchip or tattoo.

In situations where an owner cannot be located, a stray dog will remain in kennels for 7 clear days. After this time the dog can legally be rehomed or put to sleep. We are fortunate enough to have some very caring kennels that do not put to sleep on a whim. But there are times when the kennels reach their regulated capacity and there is no other option. It is at times like this when K9 Search UK assist by sourcing rescue placements and transporting dogs under threat of destruction to places of safety.

We are NOT a rescue and do not rehome to members of the public. However, if you are interested in rehoming a rescue dog, we can provide you with details of a reputable rescue.


For reported found stray dogs, we will make every effort to locate their owners as quickly as possible. Firstly they will be recorded in the Latest Found Dog section of our website, followed by an advertisement being placed in the local media. We will send out found dog e-mail notifications to our website members. For microchipped dogs where details are out of date or unregistered, we will attempt to trace owners by utilising historical records and other means. We also advise members of the public who have found a stray dog the associated legislation in line with the current Environmental Protection Act.

Owners with lost or stolen dogs, we will provide a first class advisory service. Reported lost or stolen dogs will be recorded on our Latest Missing Dogs section of the website. Followed by lost dog email notifications being sent out to our members. We can also provide owners with media advice and support if required.

For stray dogs that remain unclaimed after the required waiting period, we may be requested by the kennels to source rescue placements for long term stayers, dogs with health problems, behavioural issues and breed specifics. K9 Search UK has a compiled database of vetted rescue organisations, all rescues on our database have strict criterias with regards to rehoming, neutering, vaccinations and also provide the essential life time back up for dogs that are fortunate enough to be rehomed. Our team of dedicated volunteer transporters are on hand to assist in the safe transportation of dogs from stray kennels to rescues throughout the UK if required.

To provide a relinquishment service for pet owners who can no longer care for their pets. We will attempt to source rescue placements from our database of approved rescues. Again providing transportation if needed.

Responsible dog ownership, is a major part of our work, we see education as the way forward. We therefore have a team of advisors that are specialised in different fields of animal welfare. We can provide information relating to the benefits of neutering, routine vaccinations, permanent identification, stray dog law etc.

As of February 2010, we now provide a low cost neutering scheme for dog owners in receipt of benefits or on a low income.


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