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Post by Julie on Mon Nov 09, 2009 10:01 am

Just to make members/rescues aware, the idea of the RAFA pot is to assist RAFA rescues and animals in emergency situations. EVERY penny raised will be forward to RAFA rescues in dire need once the pot is established. This funding should be a secondary source to your own rescues fundraising.

The forum is a free forum, staff are unpaid volunteers. We would never ask members/rescues to fund this by the way of yearly subscriptions.

The 2 websites were purchased by myself and Sal. Again we would never ask members/rescues to funds these. They are our financial responsibility, not yours.

The RAFA paypal account and the RAFA bank account will be regularly updated showing all transactions made, thankyou1

Added: RAFA rescues can request monies from the pot if they feel there is no other way forward.


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