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> Homing Requirements: Lavinia needs stability with an empathetic family
> who are comfortable with large breeds. She needs to be an only dog/pet
> at this stage. There is no edge to her around food, space, intrusive
> gestures or intervention. Lavinia is not proven to live with children.
> Her confidence will come from her owner. Lavinia's tail was partially
> amputated whilst previously in rescue.
> Video:
> Arrival Lavinia making friends with SusieBee

> Video:
> Lavinia stretching her long long legs

> Her Story: Lavinia was found stray and unclaimed. She has been spayed,
> fully vax'd & chipped. She was homed for nine months but her previous
> owner had to move and couldn't take Lavinia with him.
> Advert: Lavinia is great in every sense of the word. She meets
> strangers with kind caution in her eyes and isn't over demonstrative
> until she trusts: then she is joyful and close. Lavinia can lift her
> paws onto your shoulders but only in the gentlest and most considerate
> way; if she feels in the mood for 'fun' then she's up for that alright.
> Lavinia is housetrained and travels well in the car: she will look,
> noting and seeing it all, with no comment. Lavinia can be left free
> range in her house. She is the perfect companion.
> Lavinia has a lavender-mauve brindle coat with the softest feel. She
> has a white bib and lovely jowls which suggests Great Dane heritage. She
> is about five years old. She stands 24"+ to her shoulder/withers.
> Lavinia has a great temperament with people, strangers and dogs. She
> needs supportive measures around children; her previous owners gave her
> up after nine months as they moved in with a young child and didn't have
> full faith in Lavinia or their own skills with a large dog. Lavinia's
> confidence will reflect her owner's comfortability. Super duper dog!
> Interested in homing Lavinia?
> Please
> click to complete our online homing questionnaire
so we can match
> you with a dog that suits your lifestyle.
> Please note that this dog is currently in boarding
> kennels and is also available to foster until a 'forever home' is
> found.

> Please
> visit Lavinia's thread on our forum
to find out whether she is
> still available. For full details and daily updates on all our dogs
> available for homing,
> click our forum
> link.
Lavinia is also featured on
> ***PLEASE NOTE: Our mission is to find every dog in our care its
> forever home. Our Rescue requires a minimum £175 donation for each dog
> at the time of adoption. These funds allow us to continue to help
> homeless dogs.***
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