Alfie ~ Beautifully Noble and Loving – 5yo Saluki

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Alfie ~ Beautifully Noble and Loving – 5yo Saluki Empty Alfie ~ Beautifully Noble and Loving – 5yo Saluki

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Location: Foster home in Norfolk, UK.
Key Points: Stunning, regal, affectionate & entertaining, dog savvy, house savvy, pulls slightly on lead, recall needs work.

Meet the magnificent Alfie! He is a 5 year old purebred saluki boy who is looking for a new home to call his own through no fault of his own. This boy is just drop dead GORGEOUS with his deep red grizzled brindle coat and beautifully long feathers. Dear Alfie came to us in a rather thin state but has picked up wonderfully now that he’s in a loving foster home. He is ready and waiting to be snapped up at the speed of light!

Alfie ~ Beautifully Noble and Loving – 5yo Saluki Alfie1

~ Personality ~
Generally: A treasure! Friendly, very confident, self-assured, social, loving, playful, goofy.
Alfie is a really gorgeous dog. He has a wonderfully affectionate and well-formed character and is a real Mr Charisma with everyone he meets. He is used to a home environment and used to people, so isn’t afraid to ask for some lovin’s, but can also entertain himself with a toy or two when the mood takes him. He is wonderfully playful and has just enough cheekiness to be entertaining but not troublesome. He also likes to sing!!

Alfie ~ Beautifully Noble and Loving – 5yo Saluki Alfie008

Alfie is a saluki in every sense of the word, and has a real aristocratic appearance. He carries himself wonderfully and is a real heartthrob of a hound. We hope to find this boy a top-notch home where he will be truly cherished as a family pet and be allowed to settle down after all this upheaval. He is a true treasure of a dog – a pleasure to know and an honour to have.

~ In the Home ~
Generally: Home savvy, housetrained, well mannered, ok with or without canine company.
Alfie is used to living in a home environment and is very mannerly. He knows to wait patiently for his supper, doesn’t countersurf, is quiet through the night, toilet trained and is generally a very low maintenance hound. Give him a squeaky toy and he would love to play with you, but can also have fun flinging around a squeaky by himself if need be. Alfie even does a few tricks and will sit and give the paw for treats.

Alfie ~ Beautifully Noble and Loving – 5yo Saluki Alfiemar3

Alfie is used to sharing his home with other dogs, and does so without fuss. He enjoys the company of other dogs, but would also be quite content as an only dog as he loves his people very much. He has not been an only dog before so may need some time at the start to get used to being left alone, but we expect he should adjust to this relatively minor change quite easily. We have a behaviourist on hand to help with this training if required.

Alfie ~ Beautifully Noble and Loving – 5yo Saluki Alfiemar5

~ Other Animals ~
Generally: Good with other dogs, enjoys playing with medium-large breed dogs.
Alfie is in general excellent with other dogs. He has no qualms sharing his home with canine friends and is not possessive of his toys or food. Out on walks, he can sometimes bark at other dogs in the distance, but when allowed to meet them he is very happy and mannerly. There is no malice in this boy, he just sometimes barks to let others know he’s there!

Alfie ~ Beautifully Noble and Loving – 5yo Saluki Alfie2

Alfie loves to play with other dogs and does so very well. He really loves the ‘sighthound’ games of run and tag, but is social with all dogs. Sometimes he will grumble at dogs who get right up in his face upon initial introductions, but he never follows up with anything other than a moan at their lack of manners. He is a saluki, after all! Alfie might be a bit too tough for very small dogs due to how he plays, but he is fine with medium to large breeds.

Alfie ~ Beautifully Noble and Loving – 5yo Saluki Alfiemar1

~ Out and About ~
Generally: Loves his walks, recall needs work, good with other people & dogs, pulls on lead, good traveller.
Alfie is quite active and does really love his walks. He can pull sometimes on the lead, but will listen to correction well. He just forgets himself on occasion and pulls towards a certain ‘must see’ scent. In the car he likes to see where he’s going, but settles well and behaves himself. He would suit a moderately active home who will give him 2 decent walks a day, some playtime in between, and a chance to stretch his legs at a gallop a few times a week.

Alfie ~ Beautifully Noble and Loving – 5yo Saluki Alfiemar4

Alfie’s recall is an area needing further work, and potential owners need to be aware that, being a saluki, he will need longer work than some other breeds in this area before he can be let safely offlead. This is best started in a completely secure area first, once a bond has been formed with his new parents, and then expanded to other areas. He should never be let offlead near public roads or livestock.

Alfie is fine in the rural countryside and built up cities. He is a very adaptable, easy going boy who is generally contented once he has ‘his’ human with him. He is a wonderfully loyal if occasionally strong willed boy, just like most salukis, and we really do want to see him in a home where he is admired and spoiled as all saluki’s should!

Alfie ~ Beautifully Noble and Loving – 5yo Saluki Alfiemar2

~ Where Am I? ~
Alfie is currently in a foster home in Norfolk. He can be homed anywhere in the UK provided we have a homechecker available, but please note that you may be required to travel to his foster placement to meet and collect him.

~ Want To Adopt Me? ~
Alfie is neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, de-flea'd and wormed and a homecheck will be required as part of the adoption procedure.

If you are interested in adopting Alfie, you can contact me (Tam) via email:, or speak directly to Bronwen by phoning: 075 000 62648. Emails are usually replied to within 24 hrs.

There is an application form for adopting a Kerry Greyhound dog, and we will ask you to fill it in as the first step in the adoption process. To speed up this process, we recommend you do this before emailing/calling. You can find the form, as well as further information on our homing procedures, on the Adoption Page:
Thank you.
KGUK Homing Volunteer

Alfie ~ Beautifully Noble and Loving – 5yo Saluki Header

Kerry Greyhounds UK is a voluntary organisation based in Norfolk, England. It focuses on rehoming unwanted Irish greyhounds and lurchers, as huge numbers are bred in Ireland each year and homes are few and far between. KGUK operates through a network of volunteers spread over Ireland and the UK. We can look after approximately 30 dogs at any one time in both kennels and foster homes.

Each dog is neutered, vaccinated, & microchipped before being adopted (unless stated otherwise).

We assess the suitability of all home offers, and we have homed greyhounds in all corners of the UK. If interested in one of our hounds, please feel free to contact us via the following:
Email: Emails are usually replied to within 24hrs.
Phone: Bronwen 075 000 626 48.
Our Website:
Our facebook page:

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Alfie ~ Beautifully Noble and Loving – 5yo Saluki Empty Re: Alfie ~ Beautifully Noble and Loving – 5yo Saluki

Post by tamakin on Mon May 13, 2013 8:40 pm

Alfie has now gone to his forever home. Thank you for your help!

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