Thelma - 10yr old Staffy girl - dog and cat friendly! - Senior Staffy Club - Tamworth area

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Thelma - 10yr old Staffy girl - dog and cat friendly! - Senior Staffy Club - Tamworth area

Post by Spike on Tue Mar 12, 2013 6:32 pm

Thelma is a gorgeous little Staffordshire Bull Terrier lady. She is 10 years old approximately – but don’t be fooled by the grey – she may actually be younger as although she is grey there is plenty of life in her yet! She is currently in foster with a young Springer ‘foster sister’ and Thelma loves to run around and play with her. Thelma was a stray so we have no prior history with her but she settled in very quickly at her foster home and straight away made friends with the resident female dog and the cat. So Thelma is dog and cat friendly!

She likes to sleep with the resident dog at night and of course likes to sit with you having cuddles at all times – please! She is clean in the house (barring a couple of accidents when she first arrived) but since then she has settled into the household routine and will tell you when she needs to go out. Thelma can be left for a few hours but is not keen about being shut in a room and can scratch the door – however the foster carers have let her have access to all rooms and she has been fine and not destructive when left.

She enjoys her walks and has good recall. She has not mixed with children at the foster home but we feel she would be fine with older children 12 years plus.Thelma has had a vet check and is in good health, she is vaccinated and will be microchipped. We do not know if Thelma has been spayed or not at this stage however if this is till the case on adoption and it is found she does require spaying the cost can be covered by the rescue.

Thelma's ideal home would be a quieter one, she wouldn’t mind a dog friend (of her choosing!) and a cat friend is also fine. Thelma is just a fun little girl, who wants a retirement home – where she will be able to read her paper which you can see she enjoys doing in the mornings! – and where she can enjoy herself and put a smile on your face.

Thelma is currently in foster in the Tamworth area – any adopters will be home checked and must be prepared to visit Thelma at least twice – once to say hello and then having had time to think carefully about offering Thelma a forever home a visit to collect her and take her home. An adoption fee will apply.

If you are interested in adopting Thelma please contact us here, email ring 07513 591784
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Re: Thelma - 10yr old Staffy girl - dog and cat friendly! - Senior Staffy Club - Tamworth area

Post by mole on Wed Mar 13, 2013 9:41 am

Thelma how can anybody not fall for an older brindle grey muzzled Staff

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