Geoffrey & Tony need a foster home, DOB 2009

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Geoffrey & Tony need a foster home, DOB 2009

Post by Guest on Sat Feb 04, 2012 7:51 pm

Tony & Geoffrey are in need of a foster home!

What help do you need? Fostering
Contact/organisation details: Rescue Remedies
Permission: Do you have the rescues permission to post this template? yes
Location: see below
Rescue back-up: yes

Number of animals: 2
Type/Breed/Variety: Staffie
Sex: male
DOB: 2009
Name(s): Tony & Geoffrey
Colours: see picture
Neutered: yes
Assessment: Has animal undergone a thorough assessment?: yes

Homing Requirements: Tony and Geoffrey have harmony and will make wonderful pets. They need a family with patience to put the training and house rules in, with kindness and preparedness for them to make a few mistakes as they settle. Time placed in them will pay dividends 100 fold!

Their Story: Tony and Geoffrey were found stray microchipped. They are around 2-3 yrs old. Their owners hadn't noticed they were gone and didn't seem interested having them back. The dog warden went all out to find Rescue places for them and was delighted when we said we would keep them together. Neutered, vaxed and chipped. In boarding kennels in Gatwick (S)

Advert: Super pair.These 2 brothers are joined at the hip; they have synergy and care for each other. They have only really had each other, as their owners weren't that bothered about them. They need to be introduced to a caring and exciting lifestyle. They would suit someone working from home who wants to break off and go for a stroll; newly retired or shift workers, where they are left for short periods, they have each other to keep company.

Tony is the bigger of the lads. He is has a bold white chest which goes through to his collar/ mane. He has a white badger strip down his forehead. He has a lighter brindle coat than his brother. He is in good condition and a good weight.

Geoffrey is the smaller brother, a darker brown/ brindle and smaller white chest. He is under weight and his fur is currently scurfy. He has a feint white badger strip down his forehead.

So many people get one dog and come back thinking they would like to have/ help another. Helping these 2 brothers out can everyone all at once!


Please visit Tony Staffie DOB 09 Gatwick (S)
Geoffrey Staffie DOB 09 Gatwick (S) on our Forum to find out more and follow their progress.

We ask that our fosterers live within 1 - 1/2 hours of the Gatwick, Richmond & Farnham areas as this means they are in reach of our vets should the dog require treatments, spay/neutering & vaccinating.[/b]


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Re: Geoffrey & Tony need a foster home, DOB 2009

Post by Guest on Mon Mar 26, 2012 10:31 pm

These boys have found their forever home Smile


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